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Office Paperless Fax Solution

Office Paperless Fax Solution

You can store received fax documents in electrical format without printing it onto paper. Illustration of paperless fax receptionThis solution can effectively avoid waste caused by junk fax and improve working efficiency. More features are as follows:

Main features of business fax server:
- FOIP Free Fax Service
Business office fax server can support international standard T.38 protocol and can also perfectly support all kinds of VOIP fax gateway, which makes it easier to construct your free fax network.

- High-speed fax
Business office fax server can support SUPER G3 high-speed fax and the fax speed can reach 33.6 with the highest speed of 3 seconds per page. It is now the only paperless fax machine with this function which can greatly reduce your fax payment.

-  FAX2EMAIL Fax transfers to mail automatically
With the function of fax transferring to mail in business office system, you can let the device to transfer your fax automatically to the mailbox you set. You can receive fax out of your company without anyone's intervention. If your mobile phone can receive mails, now it can also be used to receive and send fax.

- FAXMAIL  Mail Sending Fax
If you are used to using e-mail to deal with daily work, the FAXMAIL function of mail sending fax in business office fax server can be very suitable fore you. You can send fax of any form via mail without installing any software.

- Send and Receive with Computer
With the computer to send and receive fax, all fax can be directly received and sent without being printed, which can save thousands of materials and maintenance fee. What's more, traditional printing, dialing, paper feeding, re-dialing, delayed sending and file mass-sending can be done within two seconds.

- Fax Mass-sending
A fax can be sent to multiple clients automatically and the system will send the feedback to the sender automatically so that it will be easy for the user to follow up.

- Off-site View
With the IE Remote Access, Fax Transferring to Mail, Mail Transferring to Fax in business office fax server, as long as you can get on line you will be able to receive and send fax and acknowledge your business accurately. Business office fax server can also support DDNS module (convenient for ADSL users to get remote access)

- Electronic Seal
You can sign and seal your name freely on your computer. Security management signature and seal. With high-end encryption, your office job can be done in just one step.

- Independent Operation
System operation is completely separate from computers. The server can independently receive and send and store fax. It has a big memory space and can receive and store fax during holiday and non-working hours.

- Network Sharing
Do not run all around anymore!! Customers can now use any of the computers within the local area network to send and receive fax; When receiving, fuzzy matching can be done based on the sender's information and the received fax will be sent to corresponding computer automatically and uncertain fax will be sent to public folders.

- Multi-line Support
The variety of equipment models can meet customers' different fax demand. Business office 100 can support one external fax line, business office 200 can support two external fax lines and business office 400 can support four external fax lines. And the authority of each line can be set at will; in case of large amount of fax sending and receiving, the system will automatically search for idle lines to send and receive fax and the fax load of each line will also be balanced.

- Triplex Lightning Protection
The built-in triplex lightning protection in the device can prevent the business office hardware devices from being struck by lightning, which will help save maintenance fee for customers.

- Web Page Management
High efficient and simple B/S network architecture is adopted and no software needs to be installed. Fax can be sent and received directly in IE browser.

- Caller ID
Business office fax server supports international standard FSK caller ID system. Fax source can be accurately identified and junk fax will also be declined.

- Automatical Printing of Fax
Business office fax server can print the fax automatically with one of the printers within the local area network. Manual printing will not be necessary.

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