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Video Conference System Solutions

Video Conference System Solutions

Video Conferencing Supply specializes in video conferencing equipment, video conferencing systems, video conferencing software, accessories, microphones. With the development and advancement of the society, the applications of network and computers can now be found in all levels of society. Nowadays, a great number of enterprises and companies choose to use video conferences to increase working efficiency and simplify business procedures. The selection of video conference system shall be based on the demand of the enterprise itself. In terms of construction input and components, video conference systems consist of two categories which are hardware video conference system and software video conference system. For hardware video conference system, a set of dedicated system, which mainly includes multipoint controller and conference terminals, shall be set up; while software video conference is less complex.

Based on the horizontal business of the company, Ruiyao can provide you with professional video conference system solutions and also forefront and most high-end technical service support in software and hardware equipment sales, rental, solutions and after-sale service teams.

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