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A famous financial company

A famous financial company

Customer Features:
Widely distributed , with nearly 400 PCs, the customer business includes CMB, GCG, with many support systems, the PCs are mainly distributed in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. The businesses in other cities is relatively small; They have high requirements for process criterions , information securities, risk control and service qualities; Base on business development, architecture upgrade and branch building, there are many internal user system upgrade projects.

Customer's Requirements:
- All daily operation management of terminal users
- Project Support?
- Compliance Support
- Support for special business departments?
- Reparations for terminal equipments

Ruiyao Solution:
- Setup Virtual 3 support team located in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou to offer onsite support to improve efficiency and service qualities;
- Implement EUS internal backup mechanism , build Virtual team supporting team to support the project assistant ,realize the Win-Win-Win of customer, company and employee, and improve efficiency while reducing project budget;
- Daily assest management, monthly audit assest through process control and AC system, and yearly IT assest audit of the company in the first 1 and a half months;?
- Provide professional IT security maintenance and management to Standonle PC to ensure operation of the customer business;
- Provide daily maintenance and monitor of devices in machine room to reduce breakdown dramatically.