Intsharing have been setting ourselves apart from other IT companies by helping businesses to embrace technologies that increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and see teams collaborating seamlessly, no matter where they may find themselves in the world.

24/7 Support

A flexible SLA requirement starting from next business day support right to the very stringent SLA requirement of 2 hours response time.

Client with critical business operating round the clock, we provide remote and onsite support to ensure high uptime of the systems.

We aim to systematically eradicate the root causes of problems, not just provide temporary solutions.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Modern businesses require effective data backup & disaster recovery solutions. Implementing a layered security strategy is a necessity, as it provides an additional buffer against data breaches.

This not only reduces the chance of data loss, but also safeguards the system against ransomware attacks.

Cyber Security and Risk Management

Cyber security is of prime importance in this day and age, and every business must lay down clear rules to ensure optimum safety. Deploying an efficient IT Management Service to undertake constant monitoring, testing, and updates, ensures that your business gets maximum security against any modern cyber threat.

Your safety is one of our top priorities. This is why we offer holistic security solutions across devices, networks, cloud and email services, keeping you and your teams safe in all of your online business transactions.

Cloud Management

Whether your systems are on-premises in your offices or cloud based, we ensure that all of your infrastructure is fully managed, maintained, updated and protected.

Our IT Pros are trained in looking after your systems including Office 365 and Azure solutions, your servers and storage, and your network, firewall and Wi-Fi management and configuration.

Project Management

We provide a project management office for every program we undertake to ensure proper governance and processes are being adhered.

A governance structure with Strategic, Tactical and Operational level will be setup to ensure quality and consistency in executing the program.

Business Intelligence

Utilising best-in-class tools such as Microsoft Power BI, our expert business intelligence service team brings all your key reporting data together into one powerful interactive report, removing siloes and ensuring one accurate view of business performance.

With easy-to-use dashboards and rich visualisation, we’ll enable you to analyse data with greater speed and understanding – so you can discover more insights and reach new levels of efficiency and growth.

Artificial Intelligence

We offer AI support services for users to utilize AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, Heygen, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney to enhance their productivity.

Our prompt engineers excel in crafting instruction and designing efficient GPTs. These services automate workflows across IT, HR, customer support, sales, and operations on a large scale.


Are your employees trained to use their computers responsibly? Employees can accidentally download viruses and malware that allow hackers easy access to your system. The consequences of not being compliant can be severe.

Whether you need initial guidance or full support throughout your journey; we’ll help you meet compliance for a wide range of regulatory and security standards.

About Us

We are a dynamic and youthful team, comprised of members who have previously worked for leading companies in the IT industry. Each of us brings extensive experience and exceptional technical expertise to the table.

Our main operation is in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzheng. Knowing the currenct business landscape requiring vast service coverage, we have established our service partner network all over China.

Our collective goal is to establish ourselves as the most reliable IT service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises in China.


Our self-operated platform "AiFind", serves as the ultimate toolkit for fostering AI-driven creative thinking. It consolidates a comprehensive array of tools. All of this is managed by our professional team.

Picture this: the capability to generate content, craft interesting images and videos, create appealing sounds, and develop exquisite presentations and websites — all within a unified platform.


Having a broadrange of clients right from transport, finance and to the retail industry. Following are some of our current and past clients and the type work that we are delivering/delivered.

Retail Industry

An Italian Top Luxury Brands

End to end store support with 4 hours onsite SLA and 12x7 coverage. Scope of work includes POS support, network equipments, store events, cabling.

Retail Industry

An American Sports Brand

Delivering complete end user support to the office and stores users all over China. Scope of works includes software support and hardware refresh.

Legal Industry

A Well-known Accounting Firm

Building a legal document data query platform based on Open AI's GPTs, throught writing professional prompts to help lawyers to quickly query legal documents.

Design Industry

A Start-up Advertising Design Company

In local deployment, we install AI-driven text-to-image tools like Stable Diffusion and import some models like Lora to help the company to use AI drawing tools.

Trade Industry

A Start-up Trading Company

Utilizing AI-based tool Marketsy to create e-commerce website and help the company launch their products on their own domain rapidly.

Pharmaceutical Industry

A Start-up Biopharmaceutical Cmpany

Helping the company establish a security management system that meets ISO27001, computer system validation according to GAMP5.


In the context of the explosion of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and big data, with a series of new products and applications emerging, helping enterprises access the latest information and grasp necessary innovative technologies is particularly important. Intsharing compose blog to help people/enterprises quickly grasp IT/AI basic knowledge, continuously exerting force in enterprise operation, technological innovation, and product upgrades.more>>